Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Supply chain organization structure Supplier organization (Business Edition)

The supplier organization does not subscribe directly to any policy groups. As a result it inherits the management and administration policy group from the root organization. These policies apply to the supplier organization, the supplier A organizations that it owns, and the supplier A administrators.

The B2B direct organization subscribes directly to the management and administration, the common shopping, B2B and supplier profile policy groups. These policies apply to all stores owned by the B2B direct organization.

The Supplier profile policy group contains the following policies:

    * AllUsersForSupplierExecuteSupplierAllUsersViews
    * RegisteredCustomersForOrgForSupplierExecuteSupplierRegisteredCustomerViews

Buyers are customers that place orders in a B2B store. All buyers must be owned by a buyer organization. Typically, buyer organizations do not subscribe to any policy groups, since management and administration policies inherited from the root organization are sufficient.

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