Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Supply chain organization structure Supplier hub (Business Edition)

In these diagrams, describing a basic supply chain organization structure, the root organization owns and subscribes to the default policy groups as described in Access control policies and policy group structure.
Supplier hub

The supplier hub organization subscribes directly to the management and administration policy group, the common shopping policy group, the B2B policy group and owns and subscribes to the Supplier hub policy group. As a result, these policies apply to the channel administrators, who are directly under the supplier hub organization, as well as to the supplier hub.

The Supplier hub policy group contains the following policies:

    * AllUsersForSupplierHubExecuteSupplierHubAllUsersViews
    * RegisteredCustomersForOrgForSupplierHubExecuteSupplierHubRegisteredCustomerViews
    * ContractAdministratorsForChannelOrgExecuteCreateCommandsOnMemberResource
    * ContractAdministratorsForChannelOrgExecuteContractDeployCommandsOnContractResource
    * ContractAdministratorsForChannelOrgDisplayContractDatabeanResourceGroup

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